Due to numerous requests, the application deadline for
the 2024 Humans In Space Challenge has been extended to
July 11th 11:59 PM ET

2024 Humans In Space Challenge

A Global Challenge calling for pioneering startups and researchers that are addressing critical healthcare challenges in Space and on Earth.

Join the Humans In Space Challenge and launch your ideas into orbit.


Call Opens (May 1st ET)

Call Closes (July 11th ET)

1st Round Winner Announcement (End of August)

Virtual Pitch Event (September)

· For the 1st Round Winners

2nd Round Winner Announcement (September)

Final Pitch Event (October 14 -18)

· For the 2nd Round Winners
· Final pitch at 2024 International Astronautical Congress in Milan, Italy *

Final Round Winner Announcement (October)

HIS Accelerator Program (November)

*subject to change

Eligible Applicants

Startups and Researchers addressing HIS Challenge topics

Values Provided by Humans In Space

The 2024 Humans In Space final awardees will be awarded with Equity Investment and Orbital Launch Funding, alongside the opportunity to engage in premier HIS Accelerator Program, exclusive networking sessions, and access benefits offered by our partners.


Track One(Growth Stage I)
[For Startups]
Equity Investment
$50K of equity based funding

Track One (Growth Stage I)
“Nurturing Early Stage Space Ideas to Expand Orbital Launch Portfolio”

Track Two(Growth Stage II)
[For Startups & Researchers]
Orbital Launch Funding
Up to $250K* to directly support the costs associated to sending selected ideas into orbit

Track Two (Growth Stage II)
“Facilitating in-space experiments through Orbital Experiment Investment”

*Investment value may go beyond $250k depending on the experiment type and duration

The 2024 HIS Program operates on Two Track-Funding Models to enable in-orbit experiment to facilitate an awardee’s research or technology development. Awardees may choose between the two tracks depending on their needs. Recipients chosen in Growth Stage I this year will be encouraged to reapply for Growth Stage II in future HIS Challenges and will receive incentives upon application.

Humans In Space Program Values

HIS Accelerator Program

Tailored mentorships and workshops supporting orbital launch by leading space researchers, corporates, and investors

Networking Events

Connection with key figures in the space industry through exclusive networking events

International Exposure

Opportunity to pitch in a global conference and be featured in promotional in HIS and Partner channels

Alumni Network

Robust alumni network to promote professional growth and collaboration opportunities

Values Provided by HIS Partners

Zero Gravity Flight Opportunity

Opportunity to validate your idea through Zero-G Flight supported by Aurelia Institute

AWS Credit

Complimentary credits worth $100k to access AWS services for experiment data management & analysis

Orbital Launch Funding

Orbital Launch Funding supports researchers and startups with visions of achieving breakthrough discoveries and innovations through Space. Through Humans In Space, researchers and startups will gain access to funding and strategic partners to further enhance their idea, develop their experiments, and successfully fulfill their vision in orbit. Aside from financial support, applicants will be guided through HIS tailored sessions and introductions to experts.

Challenge Topics

This year's challenge topics reflect critical healthcare problems identified in collaboration with prominent national institutions such as NASA Human Research Program (HRP) and the ISS National Lab. To read more about this year's topic, please refer to the HIS Challenge Application Guideline.

Critical Problems
in Space

Critical Problems
on Earth

2024 Humans In Space Ecosystem

Humans In Space Ecosystem presents a comprehensive value chain that strategically invests in and supports the development of pivotal space healthcare solutions, from the ideation process through to actual implementation, culminating in commercialization in space.The value chain is composed of three main pillars: 1) Challenge Identification 2) Idea Exploration 3) Idea Advancement.


Challenge Identification

Identify the most critical space healthcare problems with leading space institutions and agencies


Idea Exploration

Develop and execute HIS accelerator program and mentorships with space healthcare experts


Idea Advancement

Provide access to space and accelerate the growth of breakthrough ideas

Synergy Capitalist

HIS VC Partners collaborating to boost funding landscape and accelerate commercialization of space healthcare ideas

Platform Enrichment

Institutions that will bolster the Humans In Space Initiative by providing a larger podium for our space ecosystem

2024 Humans In Space Advisory Board

The Humans In Space Advisory Board is joined by key space leaders and experts who will steer the initiative’s roadmap.

※ Our Advisory Board members are listed in alphabetical order.

2024 Humans In Space Experts

※ Our Experts are listed in alphabetical order according to their respective affiliations.